SM5533, SM5542 composite sumps
SM5533, SM5542 composite sumps

Product information

SM series composite tank sumps

CGH tank sumps made of HDPE provide reliable and tight protection for the tank chamber and cover. The shape is optimised for accessibility, rigidity, ease of installation and a pipeline connection input.


  • Neck with adjustable height depending on the tank depth
  • No special tools or equipment are required for installation
  • Large surface for all required pipeline connection inputs
  • Vacuum tested for water tightness

They do not corrode, require no corrosion protection after assembly works.

Technical information

  • Thick wall HDPE sump
  • Octagonal shape and large flat walls for easy pipe installation.
  • Two sump size variants, SM5533 lower with output diameter of the neck 820 mm, h=1295 mm and SM5542 larger with output diameter of the neck 1005 mm, h= 1272 mm
  • Round cut for a coaming with holes for screws or a full bottom.