We can produce the following types of tanks

  • Underground, horizontal, double-wall, multi-compartment tank, made of S235 and S355 steel
  • Medium: diesel
  • Norm: EN12285-1, SANS 10131
  • Working pressure: atmospheric
  • Operating temperature: -20°C / +50°C
  • An option that is available the tank is strapped on a speedframe which increases the safety of handling during transport. The speedframe serves as reinforcement of the anchoring slab in the excavation.
    Lifting slings and guiding ropes are provided so that the tanks can be installed in the excavation without that a person needs to access it.

Hundreds of machines which require the right substances and accessories to work properly are used on a daily basis in industry. It is essential to have specialised diesel storage tanks that can be used at any time. Thanks to their unique design and large capacity, such containers can hold even thousands of litres of diesel fuel.

Tanks for everyone

The diesel tanks manufactured by our company stand out for their unparalleled durability. Thanks to the use of modern methods and high-quality material, each tank can successfully serve your company for many years. Importantly, we cater to both individual customers and companies of all sizes. On request, we also manufacture storage units in sizes tailored to your current preferences and needs.

Diesel tank