LPG storage tanks in underground, mounded and aboveground variants are available in volumes from 9.1 m3 to 100 m3. LPG tanks are carbo steel designed. They meet safety requirements regarding the storage of propane, butane and a mixture of these gases. They hold valid permissions issued by a notified body for pressure devices subject to directive 2014/68/EU based on EN 13445 or AD2000.

LPG tanks are intended to store products:

  • For heating in home and industrial systems
  • On petrol stations for LPG refuelling points
  • On LPG depots and customs warehouses

As a standard, LPG tanks for petrol stations are equipped with cut-off fittings, measurement and safety fittings. Optionally, they are fitted with sumps for tank collection units, i.e. LPG modules (LPG refuelling points on petrol stations) and control and measurement fittings such as magnetostrictive and radar probes or Rochester Senior or Rochester Magnetel level gauges.

LPG tanks

CGH South Africa specializes in designing and producing robust pressurized storage vessels for all types of liquids. CGH South Africa offers underground and aboveground pressurized vessels intended for industrial and heating purposes. CGH South Africa LPG tanks are equipped with various safety fittings as per clients’ requirements. CGH South African has the LPG solution to best suit your business.

LPG storage capacity

CGH South Africa bulk containers for liquids have a wide range of applications and is well suited for heating both domestic and industrial purposes. Made from high-quality materials and are available in various volumes from 9 m3 to 100 m3. CGH South Africa is fully compliant with health and safety regulations, offering competitive pricing, excellent customer service and safe delivery.

LPG application

CGH South Africa’s LPG bulk storage tanks provides ultimate flexibility for the best solution to suit your needs.

Underground LPG storage provides hidden off-grid gas supply while providing space saving. Aboveground LPG storage provides easy installation, which is a great fit for many of our customers. CGH South Africa offers LPG storage tanks made of carbon steel and are equipped with access manholes with various fittings. CGH South Africa meets the safety requirements for propane and butane storage. For more information on specifications and other technical data select one of the variants. We also offer different components, piping systems and composite product accessories.