LPG-FLEX pipes are designed to be installed underground in one continuous section, used to transfer the liquid phase of gas, between the tank and the receiver, for example dispenser, evaporator.

LPG-FLEX pipes flexibility makes installation on site is quick and not complicated, single pipe installation makes the delicate welding work required for steel pipes no longer needed.

LPG pipes are available in sizes DN20 and DN25.

Pipes are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 35 bar with a safety factor of 1.5.

They are supplied in reels with a length of 200m, on-site installer cuts off the desired length, and connects the LPG pipes and fittings.

LPG Pipes and fittings have the following advantages:

  • No corrosion
  • Solid construction, with max. working pressure of 35 bar
  • Installation in continuous runs.
  • Flexible, easy to install
  • Smaller pressure loss compared to a steel pipe
  • Average life expectancy: 30 years +

Flexible gas pipe from CGH

The components we manufacture ensure proper insulation and safety when transporting liquids. The flexible gas pipe from our range has very good resistance to high pressure, making it a perfect solution for LPG. We have also developed suitable fittings. These components are used, for example, in the construction of new gas networks.

Durable LPG gas pipes and fittings

We offer premium quality pipes that will ensure trouble-free operation and safety for both the environment and workers. Our components are used in agriculture, industry (including asphalt production), distribution centres and many others.

Our LPG gas pipes and fittings are made of durable materials. They meet all the required safety standards and have a very long service life, making them the ideal solution to ensure (when properly installed) proper sealing and performance for years to come. Moreover, the installation of these fittings does not take long.

Our LPG gas pipes and fittings are designed to create safe and efficient networks. Should you have any further questions, our team of specialists will be pleased to help. CGH Group products have the necessary certificates and approvals – we provide the highest quality to meet our Customers’ requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to order components.

LPG Flex Pipes