GOK LAG 2000 wet monitoring

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Product information
GOK LAG 2000 – a device for a wet monitoring system

It is a leak indicator for non-pressure tanks in an EX zone (explosion risk) – so-called ‘wet detection’.

The detection system of class II leaks according to DIN EN 13160-1 and DIN EN 13160-3.

The maximum volume of the system control space may be 1 m3.

Lag 2000 may only be used to control double-shell tanks or other tanks allowing for liquid measurements.

Tank leaks are detected by a liquid (glycol) level decrease in the expansion vessel of the monitoring device.

The principle of operation of the LAG 2000 leak tightness indicator:

There is a leak indication liquid within the controlled space of a CSN tank which fills the tank up to the sight glass. If the ends of the probes are immersed in the leak indication liquid, the electrical circuit between the both probe electrodes is closed.

In the event of any possible leak in the tank, the leak indication liquid leaks out. The ends of the probes are not immersed in the liquid, the electrical circuit is broken


  • possible application in earthquake zones
  • compliant with EU standards
  • CE marking
  • It can be used in many types of tanks:
    • Aboveground double-shell tanks compliant with DIN 6616, DIN 6618-3, DIN 6623-2, DIN 6624-2 and EN 12285-2
    • Underground double-shell tanks compliant with DIN6608-2, DIN 6619-2, EN 12285-1
    • Other tanks which hold a certificate of suitability issued by the construction supervision or a certificate of conformity for a building product according to the law on the transposition of European Community directives, covering requirements concerning construction supervision and water law, which are CE marked.
    • Aboveground single-shell non-pressure tanks with a lining protecting against leak tightness.
    • Aboveground single-shell non-pressure tanks with a jacket protecting against leak tightness.

Technical information

  • voltage: 230V 50-60Hz
  • power consumption: 2.5 VA
  • temperature range: -20 to +60°C
  • housing IP20

Working medium:

  • diesel oil
  • heating oil
  • petrol
  • ethanol
  • fuel and ethanol mixes
  • other